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 Welcome to Our Personal Safety & Security, Survival, Surveillance and Safety Technology Website Home Page!
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Over 25 years of experience in Law Enforcement and Security Management, Risk Management, Private Investigations, Security Assessments and Personal Security and Safety!


Chuck Callahan
Callahan Enterprizes, Inc.
    and Adasio.org

We are very concerned about your personal safety, security and the protection of your family and property. The excerpt below is from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report.  The following figures are preliminary.

“Preliminary figures indicate that law enforcement agencies throughout the nation showed an overall average increase of 5.3 percent in the number of violent crimes brought to their attention for the first 6 months of 2016 when compared with figures reported for the same time in 2015.”   

The more people we can get protected with Tasers™, Stun Guns or sprays I am sure the statistics would decrease. 

We have a variety of devices ranging from $9.00 - $1,499.00 depending on your need and preference which includes; Mace®, pepper sprays, Stunguns and Tasers™.

We have many child devices which will help you insure their safety from tracking devices to video products.

Our catalog is available directly from our site which can be downloaded or you can make a shortcut for it.   If you wish to have a hard copy we can do that to.

The products we sell are "non-lethal, however they should be treated as if they were.  You are responsible for how and when the device is used and Callahan Enterprizes, Inc. accepts no liability for the use of the product once the product has been purchased.  There are situations where misuse of the products could cause significant injury and even death if not used as it is intended to be and instructed to use.

The purchaser is responsible for checking local laws regarding items such as stun guns and Tasers. We have provided some information on the Taser/Stun Gun page but cannot guarantee the information is 100% correct or current with local, state and federal laws changing as they do. See "Taser/Stun Gun Laws and Restrictions section" of this site, upper left hand side in the site menu or click next page at the bottom of this page. However, we will do our best to keep it current.

We are looking at the possibility of a loyalty program for those who are frequent flyers or refer family and friends to us, so when you refer someone please send me a note to let us know so we can keep track of them and reward you for the referral.














 Below we have some thoughts provided by Ralph S. Marston, Jr.  We have used his site for many years now and "Thank him" for allowing us to use his inspirational words.  Please feel free to click on the "Thought for the Day" where you will be taken to his site where you can see what all he has to offer.